About Us

We are a compassionate law firm focused on helping California families protect not only their family and assets, but also their independence and dignity through all of life’s transitions. We create custom and cutting-edge plans for our clients that are designed to meet their specific needs and address their individual family dynamics.

Attorney Lisa Golshani practices in the area of trust and estate planning, to include Special Need Planning, Limited Conversationships and Powers of Attorney. She focuses on simplifying an often complex legal process in order to create a comprehensive estate plan that reflects her clients’ personal and financial goals. It is her passion to help families plan, protect, and preserve their family, their wealth, and their legacy. As such, she takes the time to get to know her clients, educate them, answer their personal questions, address those issues that may be of particular concern to them, and provide them the peace of mind knowing that their plan will work should it ever be needed.

To schedule an appointment at our Calabasas office, contact us at 818-334-2805.