Limited Conservatorships

Limited Conservatorships for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities:

A Limited Conservatorship may be suggested by your special needs attorney for a loved one with a developmental disability.

A Limited Conservatorship differs from a full Conservatorship in California in that it does not completely terminate the individual’s rights, such as having the right to get married, vote, have children, etc. Instead, the Conservator in a Limited Conservatorship is appointed to handle limited and specific roles on behalf of the individual, such as right to marriage, making residential and educational decisions communicating with doctors, applying for benefits and making healthcare decisions.

Our experienced special needs attorneys can help you weight the pros and cons of a filing for a Limited Conservatorship, and discuss alternatives to Conservatorship, so that you can help your child live the most independent and autonomous life possible.

Contact us at 818-334-2805 to develop a legal plan that addresses your child’s individual and specific needs. This type of planning will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your child will be protected and well cared for, both now and in the future.

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