The Top 10 Estate Planning Mistakes

Will Your Estate Plan Work for
You and Your Family?

Watch For Upcoming Dates

If your legal documents have not been reviewed in more than three years (or you have never put any in place at all) you may have trouble if you become sick or die … 

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Join Attorney Lisa Golshani for a free estate planning webinar and discover how to make sure your wishes are carried out exactly as you want. Even if you have an estate plan, new laws and overlooked items may mean your current plan is out of date or won’t work as intended.

It’s time to take action and take care of yourself and your loved ones! If you’ve been putting off updating your estate plan (or getting one in place), here are 7 reasons why you should attend one of our upcoming webinars and get the information you need to make the right decisions regarding your affairs:

  • You have adult kids who need protection around receiving money. Whether it is due to financial immaturity, a disability, or concerns about your child’s spouse… there are solutions.
  • Life is complicated. Maybe you’re in a blended family with “steps,” ex’s, new spouses or family members who don’t get along. You want to make sure your family dynamics are accounted for and everyone is treated fairly in your plan.
  • Your life is simple. Maybe you are one of the easy ones…. Everyone gets along and it’s all very straight forward…. but you still want to ensure that there are no surprises if something unexpected happens to you. You want it all to be clearly outlined, for your loved ones to have somewhere to turn for help, and for it to go as smoothly as possible.
  • You’d like to keep Uncle Sam out of your pocket and away from your hard-earned money and your family’s inheritance.
  •  You know that families fight and fall apart after the death of a loved one. You want to spare your family from unnecessary drama and heartache.
  • Privacy is important to you and you want to keep your family out of Probate Court when you die to avoid everyone’s name and inheritance details from being published in the paper for every scam artist to read about.
  • You wonder…. Will your old plan still work, after all these years? **There have been recent changes in the law that do impact older plans** and documents do become stale and then don’t work as intended.